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  • Flat rate, billed yearly.
  • Includes unlimited local backups and backups to friends' computers.
  • No limits on device numbers on your account.
  • Allows backing up network drives.

Cloud Storage

  • Unlimited; no storage caps.
  • No tiers; pay for what you use.
  • Billed monthly.
  • Up to 5 independent cloud providers.
  • If used, $1/mo. minimum.

30-day Free Trial

  • No credit card required during trial.
  • First month of membership is free.
  • Cloud storage billed at end of month.
  • No obligation to pay for cloud storage if cancelled during trial.

Referral Program

  • $20 discount toward both memberships.
  • Refer 3 people per year for perpetually free membership.
  • Both parties receive discount.
  • Excess referral bonuses roll over.

Pricing & Billing FAQ

How can I make my membership subscription free?

Simply share your referral link with at least 3 people per year! For each paying customer you refer, you will get $20 off your subscription (and they will, too). Keep referring new customers and your subscription will be perpetually free. Extra referral bonuses roll over.

When am I billed?

Your membership is billed annually at the beginning of the period, and any cloud storage is billed monthly at the end of the period based on actual usage.

How does the free trial work?

The 30-day free trial is given to all new members. No credit card is required until the end of your trial! At 30 days, you will be billed for your first year of membership and for your first month of cloud storage used during that month (if any). If you cancel your membership before the trial ends, you will not be charged, even if you used cloud storage or already added a payment card to your account.

What do I get with my membership subscription?

With a Relica membership, you get unlimited backups to your own computers and friends' computers from up to 10 different computers. Unlike most other backup software, our unlimited offering includes network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

Are there any minimums?

There is a $1/mo. minimum for cloud storage (if enabled). This only applies to accounts that have a Relica Cloud destination. It ensures that we cover credit card and other transactional fees related to accessing and maintaining cloud storage.

How can I control my cloud storage costs?

The biggest factor in your monthly cloud storage bill is how many clouds you choose to back up to. All cloud storage is optionally added on at your discretion, so there's no surprises. We recommend backing up to at least 2 cloud storage providers for a good balance of cost and availability.

You can then set a retention period to delete old backups automatically. That will help keep your space usage (and thus your bill) under control.

If I use my own cloud storage, does this pricing apply?

The cloud storage pricing shown on this page is for the managed Relica Cloud, which we recommend for most customers. However, there is no extra charge for backing up to your own cloud storage but you will have to set up and maintain it yourself.