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Data gets lost all the time. Back up and protect your precious data now from hard drive failures, theft and ransomware attacks with Relica.

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Relica is a cross-platform data backup and recovery service where you're in control. We offer complete privacy, maximum security, full flexibility and advanced file-support.

Relica is designed to provide complete privacy at all times


With Relica, your data remains completely private at all times. Nobody can access your information in rest or in transit. We only collect information necessary to provide our service, and we will never sell it to a third party or read your files - ever.

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We don't assume trust, but strive to earn it. No system is perfect, but we take every measure to safeguard your data


We don't assume your trust, but strive to earn it. Relica uses zero-knowledge encryption, maximizing the safety of your data. If using the Relica Cloud, your encrypted data is only stored with providers which comply, at minimum, with SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR and MPA standards.

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Relica has no built-in limitations on files, devices or retention. We scale with you, regardless of how many devices or backups you need


Relica offers backups with no caps on file sizes or quantity, no subscription-tiers, vendor lock-ins and no device limits for your account. Your backups have unlimited retention by default. Relica scales with you, whether you're backing up a single device or an entire catalog of network drives.

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Download & Install Relica Backup by following the instructions on our Download page.

Relica works on all major operating systems, Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD, with an intuitive interface that opens right in your web browser and is the same on every operating system.

Relica supports advanced files such as symbolic links, dotfiles and ZFS filesystems, with no default or hidden exclude lists.

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Choose which files you want to back up and set an automatic backup schedule

Schedule Backups

After installation, select the files you want backed up and where. Adjust the backup interval to your needs. Relica automatically takes care of the rest in the background.

You can use the Relica Cloud, a fully-managed, secure cloud solution, where you can store up to five independent backups stored in separate locations for maximum availability.

You can also use your own storage devices, cloud providers or even your friend's computers.

Recover With Ease

The whole point of backing up is being able to recover your files in case of disaster. If you lose access to your files, Relica makes recovery simple and easy.

Backups are organized by snapshot, which is a consistent view of each file as it was backed up. Snapshots allow you to restore a group of files to an approximate point in time. By default, your files have unlimited retention.

Alternatively, you can recover your files with the open source tool restic, alleviating total reliance on Relica in case of emergencies.

Restore lost files with confidence using Relica

By Doing Nothing, You Risk Losing Everything

Data gets lost all the time. Having backups is crucial. Try Relica free for 30 days and get complete peace of mind.