We don't collect any more of your information than we need. We can't, and won't read your data. We won't give away or sell your information - ever.
Relica is designed to provide complete privacy at all times

What We Collect

When signing up, we collect the e-mail address and name you provide. When you add billing details, we transfer the information to our payment processor, Stripe, but we don't store it. If you provide any additional information, like if you provide your name when you e-mail us, we might store it for correspondence. We might use third-party services for marketing purposes. That's it.

Why We Don't Collect More

Most of the Internet is controlled by technology giants that offer services that are a means to an end. When using these services, you become a product, as your information is gathered and sold. At Relica, we believe in respecting your privacy. We are not in the surveillance or information gathering business. You are our customer, not our product.

Privacy Design Principles

We designed Relica in a way that respects the privacy of you as a user and your data. We don't need your information to serve you with encrypted file backups, whether on your local devices or using online services like the Relica Cloud. Therefore, we don't collect it.

Website Analytics

We use, a privacy-first traffic analysis tool to monitor our webpage. We use other third-party services for marketing purposes.