First Run

This page describes how to launch and set up Relica for the first time on your computer.

Launching Relica

Windows: You should have already installed Relica. If Relica didn't open right after you installed it, you can find it on your desktop or in your Start menu.

Mac: Run Relica from Launchpad like any other application (keyboard shortcut: Cmd+Space then type "Relica"). The first time you run Relica, macOS will ask if you really want to open the application you downloaded from the Internet. Obviously you do, so click "Open".

Linux: If you didn't use our nifty installer script, then the first time you run Relica must be from the command line: /opt/relica/bin/relica & and subsequently it will be in your distro's applications list. If you used the installer script, you can simply click the Relica icon in your application list.

Setting up Relica

Once Relica is open, it's time for a brief setup. Bet you can do it in less than 5 minutes. Ready? Let's go.

  1. Log in or register. If you created an account already, you can just log in. Otherwise, create a new account by entering your email address and choosing a unique password.
  2. Set an encryption password. This password should be different from your account password. It encrypts your backups and never leaves your computer.
  3. Choose what to back up. Most people simply store their files in their home or user folder, but you can select any individual files or folders that are important to you.
  4. Choose where to back up. The Relica Cloud is the easiest way to back up. (See pricing.)
  5. Schedule the backup. We highly recommend backing up daily or weekly. But you can customize the schedule, and optionally run the initial backup right away.

Click the button and you're done. You can close the browser tab and your backups will run according to the schedule you chose.

Ideally, you'll never have to open Relica again except in the event you need to restore files.